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Spare Frame - Battery Powered VisionAid Magnifier ONLY

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is VisionAid different from regular reading glasses?

- Regular reading glasses have low quality lens (hence cheap price) and do not magnifying as clearly as the Vision Aid magnifier's optical grade acrylic lenses.

- Besides, the headlight on the VisionAid magnifier plays a crucial role in helping you see small details clearly and easily to reduce the chance of eye strain while keeping your hands free to work on your projects.

Can I wear VisionAid over my prescription eyeglasses?

- Yes, you can. Please see the pictures and watch the video. We recommend using the headband (instead of regular arms) to make it more comfortable.

Do you have stronger magnification?

- We don't recommend stronger lenses for Vision Aid. It will make the magnifying glasses difficult to use because you will have to hold the object very close to your eyes.

- Vision Aid magnification is different from your regular eyeglasses. If your prescription glasses are 4x then it does not mean that you will need 4x lens with Vision Aid. The magnification choice included in the Vision Aid set should work for you.