How Is Vision Aid Magnifier Different From Regular Eyeglasses or Magnifiers?

1) The crystal clear magnification of lenses makes Vision Aid magnifier different from regular reading glasses or magnifiers. The lens optics are distortion-free, clearer and crisper than regular reading glasses or magnifiers because of the high grade nano-engineered lens optics made acrylic material. Think of Vision Aid Magnifier as reading glasses on steroids.

Better clarity of optics reduces the chance of eyestrain and enhances the viewing experience making the close work easy and more enjoyable.

2) The Built-in LED Light enhances visibility of small objects because it is targeted. Desk lamps do not provide the same illumination and viewing experience as Vision Aid Magnifier.

What Magnification Lenses are Included with Vision Aid Magnifier?

The Vision Aid Magnifier set comes with 5 Magnification options: 1x, 1.5x, 2x, 2.5x, 3.5x. This magnification range is specifically designed for people wit low vision who need help for close work such as needlework, scale model building, reading small print on medicine bottles, miniature figure painting, diamond art painting, paint by numbers hobbies or jewelry making crafts.

Do You Have Stronger Magnification Options Available? 

We don't recommend stronger lenses for Vision Aid magnifier because it will make the magnifying glasses difficult to use as you will have to hold the object very close to your eyes.

Vision Aid magnification is different from your regular eyeglasses. If your prescription glasses are 4x-5x then it does not mean you will need 4x lens with Vision Aid. The magnification choices included in the Vision Aid set should work for you because the magnification of Vision Aid magnifier works differently than your readers for example.  

Can I Wear the Vision Aid Magnifier Over my Prescription Eyeglasses? 

The answer is Yes. We have a picture on the page showing how you can wear the Vision Aid over your eyeglasses. You can use the Headband for more secure fit. Many people like using the 1X magnification lens while wearing the Vision Aid magnifier over their eyeglasses to get extra magnification.

What Does 1X Magnification Mean? 

A 1x magnification power is a 100 percent increase in the magnified object's size For example, a 1-inch object at 1x would appear to be 2 inches.