VisionAid for Scale Model Building

Enjoy Your Hobby with Hands-Free Magnification  

While working with small parts on your model can be fun it may lead to eye strain and neck ache often times disrupting you from doing what you love. Not being able to see clearly also affects the accuracy of your work.





A Game-Changer for Close-Up Work

VisionAid Magnifier will allow you to see smallest details clearly and closely without eye fatigue. Unlike regular magnifiers, VisionAid has better lens optics, it is hands-free and also has a built-in LED Light to provide additional visibility boost.



 visionaid magnifier


See Your Work Clearly and Closely 

Distortion-free and crisp view through the VisionAid optical-grade acrylic lenses is an incredible seeing experience that no other magnifiers or reading glasses can give you.

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